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About Mellow Acoustics

Cross-section of a Bluetooth loudspeaker On-axis response of electrostatic loudspeaker

Mellow Acoustics Ltd provides a consultancy service for designing products with electro-acoustic components such as loudspeakers, earphones and microphones (especially arrays). These range from hand-held portable devices to high-end hi-fi or professional audio. We also offer expertise in the design of the partnering electronics including analogue/digital circuitry, amplifiers, filters, crossovers and power supplies using discrete components, ICs, transistors, or even vacuum tubes.

The service we provide

Would you like your products to have richer sound with deeper and punchier bass? Too often, project managers assume that the electronics engineers will work with the mechanical engineers and industrial designers to come up with a product which sounds amazing. However, without a knowledge of acoustics, the results are inevitably disappointing. This is a pity because achieving good sound need not make the product complicated or expensive. It is the design method that matters.

At Mellow Acoustics, we work in partnership with your engineers and designers to optimize the sound. Best results are obtained if we are involved at the beginning so that we can discuss concepts with your industrial designer to arrive at a configuration which is beautiful in both looks and sound. However, we are often called on to help out in an emergency where the product is about to go into production and doesnít meet the customerís requirements in terms of sound quality. In such cases, we do what we can but inevitably the full potential of the product cannot be realized.

Having sketched out an initial design, we usually test several potential transducers and choose the best for the product. We then simulate and tune the design using powerful analytical techniques that we have developed. It is then ready for prototyping, acoustic testing and final tuning for production.

The picture on the right shows the cross-section of a Bluetooth speaker we designed for Haberdashery with a flared spiral bass-reflex duct. Amazingly, the 1.5-inch driver works down to 100 Hz! Below it is an outdoor measurement of our prototype electrostatic loudspeaker, a picture of which is shown on our news page, and is only 2.5 feet tall.

About Tim Mellow

Tim Mellow an electronics and acoustics engineer with 30 years of experience working at several companies including 12 years at Nokia. Tim is also the co-author of an updated version of Leo Beranekís classic 1954 book 'Acoustics' and has published 11 papers in the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America. His OTL design published in the Feb 2010 issue of AudioXpress has proved a popular DIY project.

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'Tim was an absolute pleasure to work with. His knowledge of acoustics and engineering is exceptional and his communications were terrific. We were absolute novices in acoustics and he walked us through the constraints of our project and the opportunities with patience and ease. We would gladly recommend Tim and Mellow Acoustics to anyone needing an acoustic engineer.' Daniel Siden

'Compbass Ltd needed Timís expertise when developing a patented compact sub-bass loudspeaker system. The trade mark Cellular Bassģ compression technique needed an appreciation of the cutting edge nature of the product and to locate the source of resonances that showed up on RTA test results. During discussions I found Timís sketches, summary and overall appraisal of the project a great help in solving problems and putting the technical features into a language the experts could interpret. Over a period of time Timís input has seen our project reach the stage of field trials and the compbass website is under reconstruction. Timís company has developed its own loudspeaker enclosure and I plan to have further consultation about producing our showroom ready product.' Randall Hewitt